It's not often you find a stellar cast like HIGHWIRE...  each of the guys come from long lines of top bands and projects... each with a history of playing from early ages, to become outliers that compare equally with the heavyweights and the bands whose music they incorporate into the HIGHWIRE stage show experience.

Come see the magic happen, live and in person...feel the power, HIGHWIRE will make you move and shake in all the right places.

David Bellah ~Lead and Background Vocals, Lead and Rhythm Guitars.. with perfect werewolf of london hair!

Dominic Perozzi ~ Pounding the drums like charlie watts, BGV's...metronome precision with power... a man of many hats

Rick Schlegel ~ Lead and Background vocals, thumping Bass guitar, putting both the funk and the junk in your trunk

Special Guest:  Bill Burns ~ Guitar and Vocals,  long-time pro of both the L.A. and Chicago music scene, making it happen both with the lead guitar and vocals, a true musical force.